Preliminary Timeline Given for Lincoln Junior High Project

A proposed timeline for the construction of the Lincoln Junior High School project was released during the Plymouth Community School Board meeting last week.

Superintendent Dan Tyree said no petitions against the project were filed within the 30 day period since the public hearing on the project so the board can move forward with plans. The corporation plans to purchase property at the far east of the junior high. The property is needed to accommodate a 50-foot setback requirement for fire safety.

The design development will begin June 16. A resident from the neighborhood will be a part of the process to give input to the board. Bidding and contract award will be in February or March of 2018 and the construction of the main building will begin in April. The construction of the main junior high would be complete in 2020. The demolition and renovation of the old junior high would occur in June 2020. Students would attend class at the new junior high in the fall of 2020.