Plymouth City Engineer Presents Preliminary Pavement Asset Management Plan

The preliminary Pavement Asset Management Plan was presented to the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety on Monday.

City Engineer Rick Gaul explained that one goal is to improve the overall weighted average ratings of existing streets. The expected pavement level of service is to maintain 50 percent of the street rating as “Good”. According to the preliminary plan, the PASER rating will be equal to or greater than eight. Those include roads that are newly paved, crack seal coated or overlaid. Anything less will be deemed fair to poor. Several other criteria will be assessed in the plan including street traffic types, street traffic volume, utilities, and right-of-ways. A final plan will be submitted at the board’s next meeting.

Gaul asked the board to apply for INDOT’s Community Crossings Grant program. He said intersection improvements are now included in the application process. The city could apply for funds for the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Oakhill, Soice and Michigan Streets near Webster Elementary School. He said the city awarded the bid this year, but the city can go back and request for the construction of that project. The lowest bid was in the amount of $261,930.52 submitted by Michiana Contracting. The street light purchase will not be considered in that grant application. Gaul said the match would be 50/50 if awarded. The board members approved the request to apply for the grant.