Marshall County Health Administrator Applies for Grant

Marshall County Health Administrator Christine Stinson will be applying for an emergency preparedness grant.

She told the Marshall County Council members this week that the grant would be in the amount of $19,070. She said part of the funding could be used to purchase and update Automated External Difibrillators.

“This grant will allow us to buy another AED that will go on the third floor of the Marshall County Building,” explained Stinson. “We’ll do some maintenance work on the AEDs we already have. We’ll update the pads, make sure every once has the appropriate child-sized pads and update the batteries.”

Another use for the funding would be to hire another person in her office.

“It would be for a part-time health educator and a part-time emergency preparedness person. This grant would allow us to pay for benefits and salaries out of it. It’s not enough to make the whole thing and I’m working on if the health department could actually support having another position funded and put into our budget.”

If funding cannot be found to support the position, the county will not be penalized and the money can be spent on different needs as long as a new grant application can be submitted.

The council approved the grant request as presented. Stinson will work to close the funding gap for the proposed position of an emergency preparedness staff member and health educator.