Marshall County Council Approves Ordinances

The Marshall County Council approved an ordinance to change the job description of the full-time Pre-Trial Diversion Officer, as recommended by the personnel committee.

Prosecutor Nelson Chipman requested the position in May. The state approved a grant for the county to pay for the position. The position will be available July 1.

Chipman said that the state envisions the Pre-Trial Diversion Officer to oversee programs for lower felony level offenders and low-risk repeat offenders. The programs give these particular offenders a last chance to turn their situation around and cut the cycle of behavior. The prosecutor will decide which existing program to assign the offender and the Pre-Trial Diversion Officer will assist Community Corrections as part of this process. The officer will then directly report to the prosecutor concerning the status of the offenders and programs.

Chipman said that the salaried position would be fully grant funded for $38,000 plus benefits for a total $59,300.
The council previously changed the salary ordinance to reflect this salary.

The council also approved a salary ordinance for a Part-Time inspector for the county at a rate of $17.40 per hour.