Employment Opportunities are Available in Marshall County

There are about 200 jobs available in Marshall County right now with even more openings with the preliminary notice of expansion of a few companies in the next couple of years.

That’s what Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Executive (MCEDC) Director and CEO Jerry Chavez outlined in his annual report to the Marshall County Council on Monday morning.

“Five out of the 25 businesses that we’ve interviewed plan to expand in the next two years creating over 500 new jobs,” said Chavez. “We estimate 22 of the 25 business have 200 job openings. There are 110 businesses in the county. You do the math. There are over 600 jobs that aren’t being filled today.”

He said the MCEDC is planning an economic development retreat in August to get county government leaders, economic leaders and business and industry owners together to discuss plans and needs to make sure all information is gathered to tackle workforce development.

He said one of the goals is to reach to employment seekers outside of the county and the state to get some new talent in the workforce in Marshall County and to take advantage of what the area has to offer.