Culver-Union Township Fire Chief Looking for Firefighters

Culver-Union Township Fire Chief Terry Wakefield is in need of firefighters.

He told the Culver Town Council last week that one more volunteer firefighter has left so the department is down to 17 firefighters. The department used to see around 23 to 25 firefighters on staff.

Wakefield is nearly set to hire one firefighter after the applicant passes drug testing and other requirements before hire. He previously served as a firefighter with Culver, but all of the procedures need to be followed before he is officially hired. The town council unanimously approved Wakefield’s request to move forward with testing.

The council also discussed allowing Wakefield to continue with normal procedures including drug testing qualified applicants without the need to seek the council’s approval. They unanimously approved a motion to that effect. The council gave permission for this process up to 21 firefighters.

Those who are 18 years of age and older and who are township residents can apply to be a firefighter. For more information, contact the Culver Town Hall at (574) 842-3140.