Culver Town Council Adopts Financial Resolution to Purchase New Ambulance

The Culver Town Council Tuesday night reviewed a resolution outlining the terms of a financial plan to purchase a new ambulance for Culver Emergency Medical Services.

The lowest bid for a 2017 ambulance came from Medix in the amount of $127,865. The Union Township Trustee and the Town of Culver will equally split the cost of the vehicle. The township will provide $63,932.50 while $20,000 will come from this year’s EMS budget. The town will complete the funding with $43,932.50 from the General Fund.

When an older ambulance from the fleet is sold, half of the proceeds will be paid to the township, while the other half will be paid by the $20,000 lease purchase line item in the 2018 and 2019 budget or until it is paid in full.

The resolution was unanimously approved.