Culver School Board Receives Update on Stellar Communities Project

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented an update on the Stellar Communities application to the Culver Community School Board that involves school grounds.

Improvements on a field behind the corporation office and improvements at the baseball fields are included in this year’s application. Leist said site control and which entity would be in charge of funding was brought up in last year’s process. Leist said he thinks he has found a solution and brought the idea to Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell.

“As we decided to apply again this year I approached Chuck about the possibility of a park and recreation easement for the property,” said Leist. “We’ve kept that in our application for this year and I think it would help, just from a scoring perspective, if we at least have a plan and something on paper to show that we’ve discussed it and tried to work something out.”

A sample proposal was given to Kitchell and the attorneys for both the town and the school can go over it to make it more specific to the needs of the projects.

Leist commented that the contract would be valid if the town were to receive the Stellar Communities designation funding.

“We’d have a parks and recreation easement for the community – meaning that you’re basically saying that for whatever period of time you’re dedicating it to parks and recreation activities.”

Kitchell said he will get with Leist to go over the contract in better detail before the school board acts on the proposal.

Leist also suggested replacing Kitchell on the committee since he is leaving the corporation after June 30. It is anticipated that incoming Superintendent Karen Shuman will take Kitchell’s place on the Stellar Communities Committee.