Marshall County Community Corrections Makes Small Budget Adjustments

Marshall County Council
Marshall County Council

A few housekeeping items will be affecting the way Marshall County’s Community Corrections program monitors its spending.

During Monday morning’s Marshall County Council meeting, Ward Byers – who administrates the program – said changes to the department’s budget are required as part of an agreement with the Indiana Department of Corrections.

“We’ll have the grant fund, we’ll have the existing fund that we’re going to change the name to Project Income Fund, and we’ll have a third fund of Community Transition dollars,” says Byres. “So we will go from one fund that runs our office to three funds in accordance with our agreement with the Department of Correction.”

Following a few consistent questions on the fund’s name change, the Council saw no problems with the alteration.

For the newly created account, called the Community Transition fund, Byers says he wanted to see the fund be deemed an allocated fund. The Community Transition fund generates about $24-thousand, annually.

Byers says the line items will stay the same in the Project Income Fund, but now Community Corrections will operate a bit different, financially.

“It just means more fun time to claim every month when I do claims is all,” says Byers.

The changes were required under Marshall County’s contract with the Department of Corrections, leaving little room for debate.

The County Council approved the changes, unanimously.