Winter Energy Assistance Programs Now Open

nipscoApplications for Winter Heating Assistance began last week, and NIPSCO says it’s partnering with various agencies around the state to bring the reduced energy costs to families in need.

The service is offered through the Federal Low Income Energy Assistance program, and can provide a greater sense of security to customers and families experiencing financial difficulties.

There are three primary energy assistance programs available in the winter, including: the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, NIPSCO’s CARE program, and the NIPSCO Hardship program.

Each of the programs has its own set of criteria such as falling within 150-percent of the federal poverty line. Customers can also receive supplemental cost reductions. For those falling just outside of the poverty guidelines, there are also more modest cost reduction programs available.

According to a press release from NIPSCO, eligibility in the programs is based on income and family size, all of which must to proven prior to being enrolled in the program.

In the immediate area, Community Services of Starke County, and Pulaski County Human Services can aid in the application and enrollment process. In Marshall County, the Share and Care program can provide assistance.