Speed Limit Established North of Michigan Road Roundabout

news-2Marshall County has established a speed limit in Plymouth that hopes to improve safety and manage traffic flow.

The matter was addressed during Monday morning’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting. County Attorney Jim Clevenger introduced an ordinance with the purpose of amending Marshall County’s established traffic ordinance. The ordinance would be one of many changes to the county’s traffic rules over the years.

According to the discussion, the ordinance sets a speed limit for the area at the roundabout, North to 7th Road. That area was previously lacking an adequately outlined speed limit.

The Marshall County Commissioners agreed that a speed limit of 45 miles per hour was necessary to improve the safety of motorists on local roadways.

The ordinance amendment was passed on a first reading on Monday. The Commissioners also felt it necessary to suspend the rules and approve the ordinance on 2nd and 3rd reading as well.

The speed limit will be established in the near future.