Marshall County Seats Newest Council Member

Heath Thornton
Heath Thornton

The newest member of the Marshall County Council took his seat for the first time, Monday morning.

Heath Thornton was appointed as the newest member of the Marshall County Council following the resignation of Matt Hassel. The seat opened after Hassel was elected Sheriff of Marshall County.

Thornton says his first meeting on the County Council went well.

“I’m used to the process somewhat, but the budget lines are a little different and things like that,” says Thornton. “So just getting used to the different style and paperwork will be something that I think I’ll get through pretty quickly.”

Thornton served on the Bremen Town Council for the past eight years or so prior to his appointment by the Republican Party of Marshall County.

The candidate was required to serve the same district as Hassel prior to being inducted. Though Monday morning was his first County Council meeting, he says the process is quite similar.

Previous experience working with the Marshall County Economic Development team will provide some help to Thornton going forward. He says his other focus will be creating a county where jobs can be created.

“I got two teenage boys. One is in college now, so I would love for them to be able to come back to Marshall County and get a good job in the profession that they choose,” says Thornton. “So that’s one thing I want to work towards.”

Thornton will serve out the remainder of Hassel’s term prior to facing re-election.