Marshall County Council Designates Revitalization Zone in Tax Abatement Request

The Marshall County Council took the first step to help a local business expand its operations.

Faulkner Fabricating requested a 10-year property tax levy abatement to help them grow the size of their operation. The company has resided in Marshall County for the past 25 years.

Owner Jerry Faulkner says after purchasing their current site only a few years ago, they’ve already outgrown it.

“We have looked at other emplty, existing buildings in Bourbon – which the square footage is nice, but we want to keep it all at one location,” says Faulkner.

The company wants to add several thousand square feet to house equipment and additional floor space for employees. Five jobs would be created after the completion of the expansion.

Before allowing the property tax levy abatement – which means the company would not have to pay property taxes on the expansion – the site must first be declared a revitalization zone.

Faulkner says he was hoping to begin work in the coming weeks.

“With this addition, we’re hoping that we can put more people to work and simply better service our clients and hopefully get more clients,” says Faulkner.

Once the revitalization zone has been completed, an ordinance would then need to be approved allowing for the abatement.

The Marshall County Council approved the revitalization zone request, unanimously. They will meet August 3rd to approve the abatement request.