Marshall County Commissioners Review Roundabout Agreement

Marshall County Attorney James Clevenger has drafted an agreement between the County and the City of Plymouth concerning the maintenance of the roundabout. Further discussion by the Commissioners has prompted its return to a meeting for approval.

The agreement calls for all expenses and improvement of the roundabout be the sole obligation of the City of Plymouth. The city has plans for signs as well as landscaping. Whatever improvements are planned would be approved by the Commissioners before any action is taken. Any planned landscaping would also need to comply with the proper navigation of vehicles around the roundabout. The city must also comply with all federal, state and local regulations.

The commissioners thought it best that maintenance and liability be included in the contract. They suggest that the city be responsible for watering the plants in the roundabout and regular maintenance. The county will also be indemnified from all claims.

The commissioners asked that Clevenger make those additions to the agreement, and it will be signed at their next meeting.

Bart Trester from USI Consultants told the commissioners this week that the estimated time of completion for the roundabout is at the end of June.