Marshall County Commissioners Approve Quit Claim Deed

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

James and Jean Klinedinst can now stop paying taxes on lake water now that all of the legal paperwork is complete.

County Attorney James Clevenger explained that the pair appeared before the commissioners a few years ago asking the commissioners to take back part of the property that they’ve been paying taxes on that is deeded in Kreighbaum Lake. It was found that they had been paying property taxes on 18 acres of the lake. Traditionally, all bodies of water in the county are owned by the local governing body, but somehow a mistake occurred and the Klinedinsts have been paying taxes on that portion of the lake for years.

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Marshall County Commissioners Review Roundabout Agreement

Marshall County Attorney James Clevenger has drafted an agreement between the County and the City of Plymouth concerning the maintenance of the roundabout. Further discussion by the Commissioners has prompted its return to a meeting for approval.

The agreement calls for all expenses and improvement of the roundabout be the sole obligation of the City of Plymouth. The city has plans for signs as well as landscaping. Whatever improvements are planned would be approved by the Commissioners before any action is taken. Any planned landscaping would also need to comply with the proper navigation of vehicles around the roundabout. The city must also comply with all federal, state and local regulations.

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Sheriff’s Department to Find New Fund for Proposed Training Facility

The funding for the construction of a proposed firearms training facility in Marshall County may have hit a snag.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Hollopeter along with fellow deputy and president of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #130 Travis O’Neal presented plans to the commissioners in April for a firing range and classroom facility on the FOP’s property on Hawthorne Road and State Road 10. The plan was to pay for the facility out of the firearms training line item in the sheriff’s department budget. However, Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said during a meeting this week that the funding may need to come from another line item. Overmyer mentioned that Auditor Julie Fox contacted the State Board of Accounts. It was determined that the firearms training fund is limited to training and firearms training or training for other law enforcement duties. She found that the particular fund was not appropriate for this construction project. Fox told MAX 98.3 FM News yesterday that this issue has not been resolved. Phone calls to Sheriff Tom Chamberlin were not returned.

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