Potential Seminar Works To Give Veterans Transition Training

WorkOne in Plymouth is working to get veterans the services they need to find work and transition back to civilian life.

Interest is being gathered to help host the seminar in the area. According to a press release, WorkOne is hoping to help veterans cope with change, resume preparation, and networking.

Marshall County Veteran Service Officer Pam Schweizer-Bets has served in the military. She says that the seminar helps translate military work history to the civilian world.

“As a combat medic, I also qualified as an EMT, as a home healthcare person, as a CNA, medical administration, a lot of stuff like that,” says Schweizer-Bets. “It helps guide you into the other skills that you actually acquired while you were in the military.”

WorkOne hopes to spend the funds needed to bring in experts from Indianapolis to help veterans in the Marshall County area.

Transitioning is considered a primary objective for the training. Schweizer-Bets says that often, military service-members aren’t used to the scheduled involved in civilian life.

She says this is an awesome opportunity for veterans interested in gaining employment.

“Depending on the situations they were in, in the military, within three to six months, they can reacclimnate back into the civilian world and go and get a job,” says Schweizer-Bets.

There is currently no set date for the seminar. Interest first needs to be gathered before any training is conducted.