Marshall County Council Discusses Commissioner Appropriation Request

The Marshall County Council discussed an additional appropriation request by the county commissioners for the Metronet project in the amount of $119,750.19.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer explained that the money was leftover in their line item in 2014 and was reverted to the Rainy Day Fund. Overmyer asked that the money be appropriated to finish paying bills for the Metronet project. He said the entire amount will not be spent and whatever is left can be put back into the Rainy Day Fund.

Fiber will be lit for the county on Thursday. The dark fiber will be lit at the county jail, the county building, and the courthouse that will allow for a dedicated line to the county building and the courthouse for video conferencing. Overmyer said other businesses will go online as well. The dark fiber for high-speed internet has already been lit at the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth and Hoosier Racing Tire in Lakeville.

Auditor Julie Fox will need to create a line item in the budget in order for the funds to be properly appropriated in the budget.

The council members unanimously approved the request.