Culver Schools Receive Donation For Technology Purchase

The Culver School Board was happy to accept a donation made Monday night that will help improve some of Culver High School’s technology equipment.

According to Superintendent Vicki McGuire, a $1-thousand donation was made by a member of the Culver Lion’s club to help make the purchase of audio technology.

McGuire says the donor noticed the sound system technology was not the best before giving the funds.

“That $1-thousand will go toward the $8-thousand that we need to collect,” says McGuire.

Culver High School’s principal decided efforts would be made toward gathering the money needed to complete the equipment purchase. Estimates put the technology purchase in the neighborhood of $16-thousand.

McGuire says the upgrades will make a big difference.

“Anytime you have old equipment, things are not as clear, the sound isn’t as clear, I think it’s just going to make a big difference for students, but it’s also going to be used for the community,” says McGuire.

The board approved receiving the donation during Monday night’s Culver School Board meeting.