GIS Data Contract Approved for Plymouth Trail Project

The Marshall County Commissioners have approved a measure to help the City of Plymouth move forward with the Greenway Trail.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told the commissioners last week that the city is attempting to complete phase two of the grant-funded project. Officials with SEH Engineering need GIS data in order to continue with the design work.

“In order for them to prepare the plans, they would like to have some GIS data for that area,” explained Surrisi. “We’ve made a similar request before and we were able to put together a contract where we signed off and said we were guaranteeing that the contractors were just going to use the information for this project and not for any other commercial purposes.”

The design work, bidding and construction of the project will occur in the summer of 2016.

The city received an INDOT grant to complete the second phase. The trail will connect Founder’s Park and wind along the river to the new River Park Square area.

The commissioners approved the request and approved a contract Monday morning that county attorney Jim Clevenger said was similar to a contract the county board approved in a previous request. The Plymouth City Council will need to approve the contract with the county before any data can be extracted.