Culver Schools To Make-up Snow Days

The number of snow days taken in Culver Schools has now affected the school calendar.

The Culver School Board, Monday night, approved a measure that attempts to make up a day lost to the weather by having students attend class on Good Friday – which was previously part of the extended spring holiday weekend.

Three snow days are built into the Culver Schools calendar, but have already been used. Superintendent Vicki McGuire says there are other options available.

“In the future, if we have to miss more, it’s possible that we would even think about doing a Saturday,” says McGuire. “I really would rather not take it out farther in the summer.”

Indiana requires school corporations to hold 180 days of class to be in compliance.

The Culver School Board also discussed a policy for scheduling sporting events when it comes to snow days. McGuire says having a policy in place can make decisions more difficult.

“I wouldn’t want to have a policy set in stone that would cause us to have to change everything at the end of the day when it could be perfectly fine to go out to games or practices,” says McGuire.

The School Board decided against a policy to keep their options flexible.