Culver Fiber Optic Cables Will Be Repaired

culver-town-hallAT&T fiber optic cables along Lake Shore Drive between State and Main Streets in Culver need to be repaired. Dave Ferguson from Ferguson Michiana, the area AT&T contractor, appeared before the Culver Town Council Tuesday night and explained that the current cables were installed underground in clay tiles. Those tiles have collapsed in places causing damage to the cables. Ferguson told the council that the sections of clay tile which have suffered damage will be replaced with new conduits made of plastic, which is less susceptible to ground shifting.

The repair work needed may require drilling across one of the streets in the affected area. Ferguson’s appearance before the council was to seek approval for the anticipated repairs. Approval was given by the council. It’s unclear when the work will begin or how long it will take to complete. The contractor hopes to have the work done by the spring.