Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation for Metronet Project

The Marshall County Council members discussed an additional appropriation for the Metronet project Monday morning.

The amount was for $250,000 out of the Rainy Day Fund which is the amount St. Joseph County is expected to pay for the project.

Auditor Penny Lukenbill explained that Trinity Health sent in $125,000 for their portion of the cost in August which was appropriated last month. The county is anticipating St. Joseph County’s portion of $250,000 this week. Lukenbill stated that she wants to be prepared for when that happens.

The council unanimously approved the appropriation.

As recently reported by USI Consultant’s Bart Trester, the section of conduit installation for the Metronet project from LaVille schools to Hoosier Tire has been completed and section three, from Hoosier Tire to South Bend, is also ready for a completion inspection and recommendation. Section one, between Plymouth and LaVille Schools, is almost finished.