Marshall County Commissioners Receive Update on Projects

The Marshall County commissioners received an update on the 7th Road project and the Metronet project Monday morning.

USI Consultant’s Bart Trester is the project manager and said the 7th Road project is moving along.

“The contractor has begun the soil stabilization of the sub-grade and should finish from Linden Trail to Seltenright Ditch by the end of the week. This will actually allow them to put in under drains and hopefully begin paving toward the end of the week. They won’t put surface down this year. Traffic has been running on a temporary lane allowing the contractor to construct phase two of the roundabout on Michigan Road. Traffic will be switched to phase three at the end of this week or early next week. They will be running through the center of the roundabout at this time allowing them to construct phase three which is the east side up to Zimmer Ditch,” said Trester.

The commissioners approved an official name change for a section of 7th Road. 7th Road from Linden Trail to Michigan Street will be named Veteran’s Parkway.

Trester added that the Metronet project is nearly complete. The installation of the conduit is ongoing and the contractor has finished approximately 95 percent of the installation. According to Trester, CSU will complete section three this week and it will be field inspected for acceptance at the end of the week.

“CSU has also completed section two from LaVille schools to Hoosier Tire and has been field inspected for acceptance with the recommendation submitted to the board here today. Section one will be finished the following week.”

The commissioners approved the acceptance of the inspection of section two as substantially complete. Section two is from LaVille schools north to Hoosier Tire. The inspection for section three, from Hoosier Tire to South Bend, was approved upon Trester’s recommendation. That section is expected to be done by the next meeting and officials want the continuing flow of the installation of dark fiber.

Section one is from Plymouth to LaVille and work there is about 95 percent complete.