Intergovernmental Agreement Pertaining to Planning Services to be Reviewed Monday

The intergovernmental agreement between Marshall County and the City of Plymouth for planning services with Planning Director Ralph Booker will be discussed by the Plymouth City Council members on Monday.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the Marshall County Commissioners on Tuesday morning that Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi was off much of the last part of December and didn’t have a chance to review the paperwork prior to Tuesday’s commissioners meeting.

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Shady Rest Committee to Meet Tuesday

Shady Rest Home

Marshall County Commissioner Kurt Garner reminded fellow Commissioners Kevin Overmyer and Mike Delp this week that the Shady Rest Committee will be meeting again on Tuesday to discuss a proposal for use of the county home on Lincoln Highway in Plymouth.

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, the committee heard a proposal from Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson who have teamed up to provide information on a proposed addiction recovery service at the Shady Rest Home. The Shady Rest Committee felt their offer of these services would greatly impact the community in the most effective way. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioner and Bremen Historian to Speak at Historical Museum

The Marshall County Historical Museum invites you to pack a lunch on September 9th and join them from noon to 1 p.m during their “Shiver Me Timbers” Historic Barn Revival Brown Bag Presentation. Mindy Langdon, Museum Community Relations, said they take into consideration that some people may need to get back to work if they’re attending the presentation during their lunch break so 10 minutes is allotted at the end for a Q&A but people are free to leave at this time. Continue reading

Present Your Soft Proposals for the Shady Rest Home

The Shady Rest Home Advisory Committee is asking for soft proposals from parties interested in long-term use and occupancy of the Marshall County property formerly known as “Shady Rest”. Soft proposals should not exceed three pages and should indicate use, ownership structure, one’s ability to sustain operations and maintenance, and approximate number of individuals who would benefit from services provided. Include appropriate contact information and name on the proposal. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners Looking for Committee Members

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners are looking for more members to sit on the Shady Rest Home Committee. The commissioners decided to form a committee to determine what uses could fill the Shady Rest Home facility once it is handed back to the county on Aug. 1. The Bowen Center made the decision to cease operations there after some of the new regulations didn’t fit the facility’s needs.

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Marshall County Council Supports Match for Community Crossings Grant

The Marshall County Council members gave their support to match funds toward a $1 million Community Crossings grant for work on the county’s roads and bridges. Even though the county is eligible for a 75/25 grant match split this year it was suggested to officials that the application include project plans in the $1.3 to $1.4 million range in order to capture that full $1 million match.

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Commissioners Ask for Patience during Road Reclamation Project

The legislature passed a road funding bill which will bring $1.2 billion a year to build new roads and maintain current roads in the state. That plan comes with a gas tax increase of 10 cents a gallon with penny increases for the next eight years and a vehicle registration increase of $15. The state will also look at tolls.

What does all of this mean for Marshall County? Commissioner Kurt Garner mentioned that means a little more money for local roads.

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Marshall County Council Supports Reestablishing Cumulative Capital Development Fund Maximum Point

The Marshall County Council voted unanimously to support the commissioners in their quest to reestablish the Cumulative Capital Development Fund to the maximum point.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said the fund will mostly assist the highway department in annual equipment costs.

“We should be somewhere around $320,000 of the estimated $412,000 that we would have in addition,” explained Garner. “We’ll be using about three-quarters of that amount that’s coming in by shifting this equipment cost over to that.”

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Marshall County Council to Meet Today

The Marshall County Council will entertain a plea by Commissioner Kurt Garner this morning concerning the Cumulative Capital Development Fund.

Garner stated last week that he would be before the council at this meeting to ask for a resolution in support of the reestablishment of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund. Taxes generated by this fund will help gather money to support county departments in purchasing needed equipment.

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