Judge Makes Decision in Restitution Reimbursement Motion

A hearing regarding the return of restitution to former Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck was held in Marshall County Superior Court No. 1 before Judge Robert O. Bowen Thursday morning.

Haeck and his attorney, Stanley Wruble, filed a motion requesting the return of restitution and Community Corrections fees after the Indiana Court of Appeals overturned Haeck’s conviction on a theft charge in 2016.

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Gauvin Monaghan Sentenced to 65 Years for Murder of Paul Costello

In a Wednesday sentencing hearing in Marshall County Superior Court No.1 , Judge Robert O. Bowen sentenced 19-year-old Gauvin Monaghan to the maximum allowable sentence of 65 years for the October 2016 murder of 78-year-old Richard “Paul” Costello.

After the hearing, Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman commented on the totality of the circumstances of the offense and the background of the defendant saying Gauvin Monaghan was a serial killer who fortunately got caught after his first murder.

According to information released by the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office, Monaghan read aloud from a letter, asking the victim’s family for forgiveness. Costello’s friends and family members filled the spectator section of the courtroom and intensely watched the proceedings.

Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman attempted to seek some kind of explanation from Monaghan of why he beat an elderly man to death, inquiring as to whether anger, money or revenge played a factor. Monaghan reportedly could only answer that he did not know why.

No other live testimony was provided by either side. Instead, the state of Indiana submitted numerous photographs depicting the viciousness of the crime and the extent of the victim’s injuries and relied upon the Victim Impact letters provided by family members and some of Paul’s friends. Continue reading

Community Corrections Clients Complete Moral Reconation Therapy

(L to R) Heather Green, Community Corrections Facilitator, Graduates: Tony Houin, Matthew Keller-Lowry, Travis Gibson, Brian Tapia, Dennis Holloway, Andreas Rosas, Judge Robert O. Bowen

Six Marshall County Community Correction clients recently completed Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT).

The group was recognized in a ceremony in Marshall County Superior Court No. 1 with Judge Robert O. Bowen presiding on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

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Gauvin Monaghan Pleads Guilty to November 2016 Murder of Marshall County Man

According to information provided by the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office, in a last minute arrangement Monday morning, Gauvin Monaghan was brought before Judge Robert O. Bowen to plead guilty to the murder of 78-year-old Richard “Paul” Costello in November of 2016.

During the brief court proceedings, Judge Bowen advised Monaghan of his various rights and the terms of his plea agreement. By pleading guilty to the single count of murder, all other counts were dismissed including conspiracy to commit murder, burglary, auto theft and a separate count of theft.

The press release indicates that Monaghan addressed the Judge’s questions with very quiet, one word answers and said he was asked to speak louder more than once. When asked how he pled, Monaghan said he was guilty of murder. Continue reading

Cowger Formally Charged after Jail Fight

Zachary Cowger

An inmate in the Marshall County Jail who allegedly hit a police officer during a fight in the jail has been formally charged.

On Sept. 13 at 8:25 p.m., Zachary Cowger, 22, allegedly hit Marshall County Jail Officer Billy Schoff in the head twice during a confrontation in the Marshall County Jail. According to the affidavit for probable cause, Jailer Schoff observed Cowger and another inmate in a pod violating jail rules and Cowger refused to comply with commands given over the intercom. Jailer Schoff left the observation room to confront Cowger when the alleged incident occurred.

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Clemons Sentenced on Methamphetamine Charge

A ten-year prison sentence was handed down to a Knox man in Marshall Superior Court No. 1.

Tony Clemons, Jr., 36, pleaded guilty in a plea agreement with the state to a charge of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. He admitted that he assisted in the manufacture of methamphetamine on multiple occasions at an 8th Road address.

Clemons had been on parole from a previous conviction of burglary from another county and failed a drug test previously administered by his parole officer, according to a news release from the Marshall County Prosecutor’s office. Police went to the 8th Road address in July and found a burn pile with remnants of methamphetamine labs. Officers applied for a search warrant. Once the search warrant was executed, officers found items associated with manufacturing methamphetamine.

Judge Robert O. Bowen accepted the plea agreement which called for a ten year sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction on the charge of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. No part of the sentence was suspended.

Marshall County Judge Sentences Man to 20 Years on Burglary Charge

A Fort Wayne area man was sentenced to 20 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to a charge of burglary.

Jeffrey Lusch, 58, admitted to Marshall County Superior Court No. 1 Judge Robert O. Bowen that broke into and entered a home on Baker Street in Plymouth on June 28, 2013 and was discovered by the homeowner. Lusch had entered the home through a window and the homeowner was in the basement at the time. The homeowner emerged from the basement and found Lusch inside the home. He then fled from the residence with the homeowner in pursuit and on the phone to police. Plymouth police officers were able to respond quickly and apprehended Lusch.

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