Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Approves Resolution

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety considered a resolution on Monday night pertaining to the ability to write off delinquent and uncollectible water, wastewater, garbage, and stormwater bills.

Board member Jeff Houin made a comment that City Attorney Sean Surrisi handles several small claims issues in court and he is working to collect what is owed to the city. The write-offs amount to just over $1,800.

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Cars and Coffee Coming Back for One Final Show in 2017, Weather Permitting

On Saturday, October 7th Cars and Coffee will be returning to the old Mobilgas filling station on Jefferson Street in Plymouth one final time from 9 a.m. until noon.

Owner of Coffee Lodge and Bakery, John Montgomery came before the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety asking for permission to have a temporary street closure for the second and last Cars and Coffee in September. However, after receiving such great feedback and requests for another, he came before the board once again during their meeting last Monday, asking for one final street closure. Continue reading

Revisions to 2018 Salary Ordinance Result in Plymouth City Council Approval

The ordinance fixing the 2018 salaries of appointed officers and employees, as well as fire and police personnel of the City of Plymouth, was recently up for approval by the Plymouth City Council.

The salary ordinance has been a topic of concern since the end of August, when the initial proposal was rejected. A committee was formed in order to review and work on the ordinance to come up with a more suitable solution. The revisions were presented at the City Council meeting Monday evening.

The committee consisted of Council members Shiloh Fonseca, Bill Walters and Don Ecker Jr. They worked with Clerk-Treasurer Jeanine Xaver and Emyle Kruyer-Collins from Human Resources discussing alternative options and looking into the survey that was provided by the city’s consultants Waggoner, Irwin, Scheele and Associates. Continue reading

Plymouth Officials Report Increasing Success in Collecting EMS Bills

The Plymouth Board of Works voted this week to declare some EMS bills from 2012 delinquent and uncollectible, but one member wondered if there’s more the city can do to collect outstanding bills in the future. Jeff Houin noted that some people need a bit more motivation than collection letters and phone calls, before they’ll pay their bills. Continue reading

Plymouth Appropriates Funds for Blueberry Festival Fireworks Upgrades

Blueberry-Logo-2012Fireworks at the Marshall County Blueberry Festival were again up for discussion during Wednesday’s special session of the Plymouth Common Council. Last month, the Common Council voted to give the festival an additional $25,000 for this year’s fireworks, after festival organizers asked the city to fund the upgrades in recognition of the Blueberry Festival’s 50th anniversary. On Wednesday, council members formally decided to take that $25,000 out of the city’s General Fund. Continue reading