Pedestrian Bridge to be Installed at River Gate South Development Project

A pedestrian bridge will be installed this morning on the grounds of the new apartment complex development at the corner of Michigan Street and Lake Avenue in Plymouth.

The bridge will connect the new apartment complex to River Park Square. This aspect of the project will enhance the quality of place and revitalize downtown Plymouth.

Developer Scott Sivan will be donating the structure to the City of Plymouth once the construction of the River Gate South housing project is complete.

The $300,000 footbridge will cross the Yellow River. The city’s share of the cost of the bridge was $90,000 which was approved by the Plymouth Board of Public Works. The funding came out of the city monetary gift fund which yields the proceeds of the sale of techFarm property. The money is split between Vanco Development and the City of Plymouth.

The bridge will installed at 10:30 a.m. and the public is encouraged to join Plymouth city officials, Scott Sivan of INSITE Development and members of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation for this event.