Marshall County Sheriff to Provide Training to Places of Worship

Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel will be offering a course that will help officials at places of worship create security plans to keep parishioners safe.

The Indiana Sheriff’s Association has developed training materials for the sheriff to teach church personnel strategies to prevent incidents and how to react to a critical incident during worship services.

Sheriff Hassel commented that “…crime and violence have become far too prevalent and continue to breach our places of worship.”

Topics included in an upcoming training course include conducting a security risk assessment, developing a security plan, what steps to take during and after an incident, and crisis intervention stress management following an incident.

To accommodate requests, security training will be held on Thursday, March 1, at 6 p.m. at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, 1400 Pioneer Drive in Plymouth.

For more information, call the sheriff’s department at 574-936-3187.