John Glenn School Board Reviews AP and Dual Credit Course Data

Members of the John Glenn School Board received an extensive report on the number of AP and Dual Credit courses available to high school students and the passing rate of those students.

Educator Rose Dodson prepared the information and noted all of the courses available for college credits which include Government, History, Biology World History, English Literature and Composition, vocational technical classes and agriculture science. Trine University offers Dual Credit courses as well as Ivy Tech South Bend, Ivy Tech Kokomo, Ancilla College and Ball State University.

Dodson reported that at least half of the students take an AP or Dual Credit class by the time they graduate. Many students have enough credits to bypass a freshman year of college.

Twelve AP courses are available for students including four Science classes, two Math classes, two English classes, and one language course.

Dodson explained that prerequisites are often needed before some classes are taken and that sometimes limits the number of students eligible for AP classes.

The school board members commended the teachers and students who are taking advantage of these higher learning classes. Things may change by the year 2022 when teachers of concurrent enrollment classes must have at least 18 graduate level credit hours in their content area. According to Dodson’s information, some schools will require teachers to begin taking classes to continue teaching in 2022 and that may not be a feasible option due to time and financial concerns. That will be looked at in the near future.