Department of Homeland Security Encourages Workplace Security

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security encourages all Indiana employers to share the responsibility of securing their facilities and have trained staff to deal with weather and workplace emergencies.

Threats such as fires and severe weather can happen at any time. Employees should be properly trained on what to do in case of a fire emergency or severe weather emergency such as storms, tornadoes, lightning and flooding.

Workplace security also involves threats to the well-being of others and affects everyone. The Department of Homeland Security says neglecting indicators of potential violence from employees, coworkers and acquaintances can lead to workplace violence. Harassment, shooting, bomb threats and/or sabotage can lead to workplace violence.

Domestic violence is also a concern as it can escalate to a workplace violence situation.

Be prepared for any type of event. Have an emergency plan and evacuation plan, receive training or implement a workplace violence prevention program, and report any suspicious behavior to the supervisor or security personnel.

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