Plymouth School Board Updated on Lincoln Junior High Design Work

Design work continues for a new Lincoln Junior High School. “The site layout, again, looks pretty solid,” Plymouth School Superintendent Andy Hartley told the school board Tuesday. “The major intent with that was to get traffic off the streets with drop-off and pickup. So that will flow through off of the front of the old Lincoln, if you will, and kind of run through a lane and drop off there on the west side, and bus parking will be in the back.”

He said the new building and its surroundings will look nice for the local neighborhood. “Maybe some green space there still for practices and gym and outdoor activities, as well. You’ll see where we purchased there, on the east side, too, we purchased the building there and that will be removed, and staff parking and a drive in there for staff parking will be present.”

Hartley told board members that the design process is taking a little longer than originally planned, but that shouldn’t affect the construction timeline. “Things are progressing,” he said. “We have some meetings here coming up that will help finalize a lot of the systems parts – so the electrical, the mechanical, iron out a few more details on the site, as well as technology. I’ve been working with the teachers, as well, and getting their input on classroom designs and now we’ve gone through a couple of rounds of that. They’re all pretty excited about what’s coming.”

He hopes to have a representative from architectural firm Barton-Coe-Vilamaa present renderings to the school board at its next meeting. If everything stays on schedule, the board would approve construction documents in March and award bids in April.