Plymouth Board of Public Works Members Approve Change Order and 2017 Community Crossings Contracts

Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt presented Board of Public Works members with 2017 Community Crossings Matching Grant contracts and a change order for spring sidewalk and street projects at their meeting Wednesday.

The change order included three quantity adjustments for work done to Jefferson Street as well as deductions for pavement markings and stones that were not required. Board members unanimously approved the change order which Marquardt said amounted to an additional $1,369.25.

Superintendent Marquardt, who was filling in for City Engineer Rick Gaul, mentioned that Gaul commented on the amount, saying it comes out to .3% of the project which he felt that was very doable and very needed.

Additionally, board members approved four 2017 Community Crossings Matching Grant contracts. Marquardt explained that once the bid contracts are approved, they can be sent the state in order for the city to be reimbursed.

One contract was for work completed on the traffic light at intersection of Michigan Street and Oak Hill, while another contract was for a fall bid for various city streets. Marquardt commented that concrete work has begun on that project.

The third contract was for micro surfacing on Webster Avenue from Michigan Street to Angel Street and on Randolph Street from Jefferson to Mill River Bridge. The final contract up for a approval was a spring bid for road construction on Liberty Street from Webster Avenue to Pennsylvania Street and work on Center Street from Jefferson to Monroe.