Mayor’s Youth Council Presents Information to Plymouth BOW

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members considered a request from the Mayor’s Youth Council to move forward with their plans for the Adopt-a-Street program.

The group met recently to determine roles and responsibilities of an Adopt-a-Street program in Plymouth. According to the presenters, the program was initiated to create cleaner streets and improve Plymouth. They hope to encourage community members to clean streets and inspire everyone to come together to clean up the city.

The rules and regulations were presented to City Attorney Sean Surrisi for review and guidance. Some of the applicant’s responsibilities would include removing litter from their designated street at least four times a year with the proper safety equipment. A vest would need to be assigned to the volunteer from the street department and allow notification of the effort to city officials. Supplies will not be provided.

The city could provide Adopt-a-Street signs at the beginning and end of each roadway adopted. All litter collected in garbage bags would be picked up by city officials along with the removal of any hazardous or large, bulky items to assist in the program.

The applicant would pay a one-time $40 fee to be a part of the program. Families can participate as well as organizations.

They are looking to adopt eight to ten streets as part of their short-term goals.

Letters will be sent to community members concerning the information about the program. The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Members approved the Mayor’s Youth Council request to move forward with this program.