Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Receives Community Crossings Update

Plymouth City Engineer Rick Gaul addressed the Board of Public Works and Safety during a meeting earlier this week. He provided board members with some information about the recently received INDOT Community Crossings grant.

Gaul said the City of Plymouth received half of the million dollars they were requesting. Initially seven projects were counted as contracts but since they weren’t awarded all of the funds requested they will be removing some projects. Gaul said he hopes to apply for the removed projects at a later date.

Though they could not complete all their proposed projects at this time, the $519,039.39 received will be put toward two projects. Gaul said the Maple Street project is a possibility and the department is looking into the finance zone out for the road that runs from the Airport to a dead end.

Gaul expressed his disappointment in the fact that they did not receive all the requested funding but acknowledged that it was pretty typical for the area due to the abundance of applications submitted this award year.