Plymouth School Board Approves Agreements with Architect, Construction Manager for Junior High

The Lincoln Junior High School building project continues to move forward.

The Plymouth School Board approved an agreement Tuesday with architect Barton-Coe-Vilamaa. “So while we’ve begun some very initial design work for the new junior high building project, we’re now at a place where we need to formalize the agreement, and with that will come a recommendation to continue work with the architect firm of Barton-Coe-Vilamaa,” said Superintendent Andy Hartley. “Therefore, this agreement details what that relationship will look like moving forward, through the new building construction, as well as the renovation of the current building.” Under the agreement, the Plymouth Community School Corporation will pay the architect $1.8 million for basic services.

Hartley also recommended that the board hire The Skillman Corporation as the project’s construction manager. “As we begin this phase of the process, we do feel it’s best to utilize a delivery management that includes construction management, and as such, it’s important for us to hire a firm that will act as an agent with us through the preconstruction phase, the initial design, through the bidding process, as well as the construction phase, and managing all of the details,” he said. “This process is going to help us ensure quality construction, while maintaining the value to our community.”

The Skillman Corporation will get nearly $790,000 to serve as construction manager for the new junior high school building. They may also oversee the demolition and renovation of the current building, for an additional cost.

The Plymouth School Board approved both agreements, with President Todd Samuelson abstaining. Plans call for construction to start next spring. The new junior high school would be ready in time for the 2020-2021 school year.