Plymouth Redevelopment Commission to Fund Downstream Study

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission will fund a downstream study in the TechFarm area that may ultimately result in the replacement of a culvert under Pioneer Drive.

According to David Miller from Vanco Development, a larger culvert needs to be constructed in the area. The current equipment has the potential to cause drainage and flood plain issues when projects develop on the TechFarm site and the surrounding area. A 100-year flood study was recently released which puts that area in a flood prone zone. All of those findings have led up to the needed downstream study to see how that culvert replacement could affect water flow downstream in the case of a flood event.

Miller explained that the culvert adjacent to his property located under the road isn’t maintained by his company. In fact, the city, county and state don’t have rights to maintain the culvert. It lies within the drainage board’s property on the state’s right of way.

Miller asked the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission last month to pay for the downstream study. The members reviewed their budget unanimously approved the request Tuesday night at a cost of $36,500.