Culver Redevelopment Commission Approves Resolution for Stellar Commitment

The Culver Redevelopment Commission (CRC) approved a resolution Tuesday night for their commitment toward a project within the Stellar Communities Designation Program.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said two options were available. One option included the INDOT grant and an in-kind commitment from the Marshall County Commissioners for the proposed walking/biking trail. The trail in this proposal would go through the Culver Town Park on the west end of Washington Street all the way to the Culver Military Academy Leist said there is one section of the trail that would need to be contracted out and that is by the lighthouse up to the beach lodge. He explained that it’s too steep to be done internally.

Leist said in talking with Utility Superintendent Bob Porter and Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters, the price of the project came down considerably and Leist said he felt more comfortable with the numbers presented. The numbers may still change as the project is still developing.

The match would also include cameras and a call center near the school.

The cost would be $532,337. The CRC would provide a match toward that amount.

The CRC did previously approve a resolution supporting a commitment toward the Sandhill workforce development housing project and that will stay as a separate resolution. The Culver Town Council approved a resolution supporting the Cavalier Sports Park and the Culver Beach Lodge projects last week. The council’s resolution pertaining to the housing project will also be separate.