Communication Improvements Needed at Highway Department

The Marshall County Commissioners are looking to improve communication connections at the highway department.

Highway Administrator Laurie Baker mentioned Monday morning that she was unable to access her email for the past few days to report on several bridge projects due to networking being down at the highway department.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said it’s time to look to extending fiber optics out to the highway garage as the employees need to have a better service than WiFi. He said the commissioners previously discussed extending the Metronet service out to the area and it wasn’t accomplished. Overmyer offered to start talks with the City of Plymouth and the businesses along East Jefferson Street to get the service into that portion of the city and county. It could also assist communications at the Shady Rest Home when an occupant fills the facility.

At the time previous discussions began, providing this service from the city limits to the highway department would cost $66,000.

No decisions were made during Monday’s meeting, but constant intermittent service for the highway employees may prioritize the movement on this project.