Plymouth Community School Board to Meet Tonight

The Plymouth Community School Board will meet tonight. This will be the first regular school board meeting with the corporation’s newly installed superintendent, Andrew Hartley.

The board will consider the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center nurses contract for 2017-2018 and revisions to the classified staff conditions of employment. An agreement for residential services will be discussed as well as an appointment to the library board and the local bargaining unit MASE Insurance Trustee.

The Plymouth Community School Board will meet following an additional appropriation hearing at 7 p.m. The additional appropriation is to approve a bond not to exceed $2 million to help pay for maintenance and improvement projects to facilities throughout the school corporation. Those projects include paving, site work, LED lighting and the HVAC equipment. The board will then consider the final bond resolution.

The school board will meet in the administration board room in the administration building on the school’s campus.