Plymouth BOW, City Council to Meet Tonight

Plymouth City Building

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members have quite a few items to discuss when they meet for their regular meeting tonight.

A bid will be awarded for the Richter Road water main extension project and Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds will discuss an order of action of an unsafe building at 1101 W. LaPorte Street. Police Chief David Bacon will talk about parking on the south side of Gibson Street and the members will be ratifying an executive order that restricts parking near the Mayor’s office on Garro Street and the alley. A speed limit change on Webster Avenue will also be presented to the board.

The Board of Public Works and Safety will meet at 6 p.m.

The Plymouth City Council meeting will be directly following this meeting where the members will discuss the city hall renovation project and approve documents pertaining to that project. A public hearing is also set for the vacation of Water Street.

The city council will also approve several resolutions authorizing the investment of public funds, a transfer of funds in the LARE Grant Fund as requested by the park board, and a request for a commercial revitalization rebate program grant.

Both meetings will take place in the city council chambers in the city building. Attendees are asked to go through the Garro Street entrance.