Designate a Sober Driver during Fourth of July Celebrations

Some celebrations have extended from the weekend leading up to the Fourth of July on Tuesday and local law enforcement officers encourage safe driving practices.

Officers will be out in full force through the early morning hours on Wednesday, July 5 targeting impaired drivers. Sobriety checkpoints, roving patrols and saturation patrols will be conducted by local law enforcement in order to increase public safety.

The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign creates zero tolerance for drunk drivers and violators will be arrested. The cost of a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated carries a possible fine, imprisonment, attorney fees, court costs, and a host of other consequences.

According to five years of nationwide data, 40 percent of all traffic fatalities during the Fourth of July holiday resulted from impaired driving crashes.

Designate a sober driver or offer to be someone’s designated driver if consuming alcohol isn’t in your plans. The SaferRide app is also available to download on your mobile phone to view options in getting a safe ride home.

Report any suspicious driving behavior to police to ensure the safety of others during travel time.