Culvert Issue to be Considered by Plymouth Redevelopment Commission

David Miller from Vanco Development requested help from the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission with funding a $35,000 downstream impact study to ultimately replace a culvert under Pioneer Drive. The culvert has the potential to cause drainage and flood plain issues when the city expands development projects on the Tech Farm site and the surrounding area.

He explained that the culvert adjacent to his property located under the road isn’t maintained by his company. In fact, the city, county and state don’t have rights to maintain the culvert. Essentially, it lies within the drainage board’s property on the state’s right of way.

A bigger culvert needs to replace the current equipment to accommodate findings in the 100-year flood study.

Miller has been before the Plymouth City Council and the Plymouth Board of Public Works and he said he can’t find any entity to help fund this study. He’d like the study done to head off any potential environmental problems and additional costs in case it comes to that point.

Miller expressed his frustration in his months-long battle to resolve this issue with government officials and stressed that his company’s tax dollars go into the TIF District fund to help pay for studies like the one he’s requesting.

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission members agreed to look at their budget to determine where funding lies and would consider his request. They will review the issue again at their next meeting