Culver School Board Updates Sixth Grade Textbook Fees, Following Move to Middle/High School

When sixth graders at the Culver Community Schools corporation return to class next week, they’ll head to the middle/high school, rather than the elementary school. The change was approved by the school board earlier this month.

On Monday, Superintendent Karen Shuman told board members that some of the students have already begun trying out their new lockers, while the sixth grade teachers are moving into the building. “I believe one teacher has pretty much unpacked everything and is almost good to go,” Shuman said. “The other one is still rearranging the furniture just a little bit but pretty much settled in.”

This week, the school board approved a slight increase in the sixth grade textbook fee to $135 per student, to bring it in line with the rest of the middle/high school. As part of the change, sixth graders will now be allowed to take home their school-issued iPads, according to Middle/High School Principal Brett Berndt.

Shuman says a big reason for moving sixth grade to the middle/high school is the ability to offer students new accelerated course options, such as pre-algebra and algebra. She says the change will also open up new extra-curricular opportunities and give students the chance to be part of the middle school for a full three years.