Culver School Board Gets Update on Summer Food Program, Adopts Food Service Policy

Before the new school year gets underway next week, the Culver School Board reviewed the corporation’s summer food program Monday.

The two building principals reported that the number of free meals being served has slowed down considerably since the busy month of June. Middle/High School Principal Brett Berndt estimated that 20 to 25 students were still getting free meals in July. Elementary School Principal Erin Proskey said the situation was similar in her building, with participation mostly limited to Boys and Girls Club students.

Superintendent Karen Shuman added that Blessings in a Backpack volunteers have been preparing 130 meals for distribution at the various meal sites.

Also during Monday’s meeting, the Culver School Board approved a formal policy for student lunch accounts. “You need to have a policy and language that says how we’re going to collect or forgive debt for those kids who charge too much to their lunch account,” Shuman explained. “So this is a policy that allows us to go after for collections or to forgive any debt in the lunch account.”

The policy allows Culver Schools to decide how to deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis. Similar policies are being put in place at several area school corporations.