Plymouth Community School Board Receives Information on Performance Products

There are some body building products sold over the counter that could cause harm to athletes and cause a liability issue at the Plymouth Community School Corporation. That’s what Team Physician Dr. Tod Stillson explained to the Plymouth Community School Board on Monday night.

He said it’s a national issue and he wants to ensure proper health for student athletes. There are some products that aren’t regulated by the FDA that people use everyday. Dr. Stillson said there are other measures in place that restrict various types of materials brought into the schools and he thinks these types of products should not be found on school property.

He said athletes are always looking for ways to improve endurance and body building and some products contain steroids that aren’t legal. Dr. Stillson said some consumers don’t know that steroids are included.

He said if an athlete has suffered an injury and a therapeutic-type medicine is prescribed that may contain a performance enhancing component that situation can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but the student must provide proof that it is doctor recommended.

The school board will review the addition of restricting body building-type products into the student handbook in a future meeting.