Marshall County Courthouse Art Contest Entries on Display

Five area artists have entered paintings to compete in the Marshall County Courthouse art contest. The winner of this contest will have their painting on permanent display as part of the courthouse collection belonging to the Indiana State Bar Association.

Oil, pastels, watercolor and charcoal were used to make up the artists’ vision of the historic Marshall County structure.

The current Indiana State Bar Association collection includes 40 county courthouse pieces done by professional and amateur artists. The organization wants all 92 counties represented.

Only one painting depicting the Marshall County Courthouse will be represented at the state level. That determination will be made by Marshall Circuit Court Judge Curtis Palmer and Marshall Superior Court No. 2 Judge Dean Colvin. The winner will be announced Saturday, June 24 and awarded $1,000.

The five masterpieces will be on display today through Saturday, June 24 at the Marshall County Visitor Center at 201 N. Michigan Street in Plymouth.