IRS Warns Tax Industry of Phishing Emails

The IRS, along with the tax industry, and state tax agencies, warn tax professionals to beware of phishing emails.

Emails have been sent out disguised as a tax software education provider trying to receive large amounts of data. Officials don’t know where the emails originated from, but are thinking the emails are linked to cybercriminals who could be operating from anywhere in the world.

The IRS wants to remind all tax professionals that legitimate businesses and organizations will never ask for usernames, passwords, or sensitive data via email.

Electronic Filing Information Number, the Preparer Tax Identification Number, and the Centralized Authorization File number, along with their e-Services credentials are highly wanted by identity thieves. Anyone handling that data has a legal obligation to protect the data.

If you received an email or were victimized by the email, please forward a copy of the email to If you sent out any information to the email, contact e-Services Help Desk to reset your password. If any information and taxpayer data were stolen, please contact your local stakeholder liaison.