Culver School Board Approves Student Handbook Changes

Culver Middle and High School Principal Brett Berndt outlined a few changes in the student handbook for the 2017-2018 school year to the Culver Community School Board this week.

According to Berndt, he modified the number of days a student can miss before a consequence is issued. 

“What I ended up finding out was that other area schools are usually at 10 days,” said Berndt.  “Also, you find out within our community that not everybody goes to the hospital right away.  Students get sick and they can’t afford to go to the doctor to get those doctor notes in.  They pile on and pile on so you have a little forgiveness with that.  So, I’m allowing 10 days per semester.”

Among other changes, Berndt changed the student code of conduct regarding suspensions and expulsions.

Elementary Principal Erin Proskey included a handbook policy when dealing with a registered sex offender as it recently came into question.

“I added parent/guardian as a registered sex offender on school property,” Proskey explained.  “They can notify the superintendent, the superintendent can give them permission to do certain things, they can bring their children to and from school, attend parent/teacher conferences, and other athletic events.  There are some things that they can do where they need to be supervised.”

Proskey added that students will now only be able to exit through the front doors when leaving the school and class schedules can only be amended once per semester.

Both principals included changes in immunization requirements, dates and waiver information in addition to the wellness policy.

The school board approved the handbook changes as presented.