Argos School Board Votes to Switch to Elected Membership

Argos Community Schools may soon have an elected school board.

During last week’s meeting, school board members approved a resolution to move from an appointed to an elected board, according to Interim Superintendent Dr. Robert Boyd. “That is then published in the local newspapers, and patrons have 120 days to voice opposition to the plan, as presented in the resolution,” he explains. “At the end of 120 days, that resolution is forwarded to the Department of Education, and the State Board of Education will made a determination at that point, as to whether or not to approve the reorganization plan.”

He says as long as there’s no opposition, it’s likely that the plan will be approved by the state. Back in April, a group of residents petitioned the school board to make the change. Currently, members are appointed by the Green and Walnut township boards and the Argos Town Council.