Plymouth Hero Assists Incapacitated Driver

A Plymouth man is credited with taking the effort to take the wheel from an incapacitated driver in a time of a medical emergency Tuesday morning.

According to the Plymouth Police Department, Dan Sutton, 27, observed the driver of a vehicle begin to convulse as the victim’s car crossed the intersection of Jefferson Street and Oak Road and aimed for the cars behind him.

Police say Sutton got out of his vehicle, jumped through the window of the moving car and steered the vehicle away from the other cars. The car continued to jump the curb and head toward the gas pumps at the corner Marathon station. Sutton was able to control the vehicle in an attempt to avoid any property damage and injury to the patrons at the gas station, according to the report. The vehicle came to a stop in the brush behind the gas station.

Due to Sutton’s efforts, only minor damage was reported to other vehicles at the time of the incident.

The driver’s status is unknown.